Here “General Terms and Conditions for customers” are written in reference of relationships between and their customers. Here Merchants are written in reference of “General Terms and Conditions for Merchants”. Here below written the definitions of reference words.
1.) Definitions

Customer: Here customer indicates a natural person or any legal entity who is placing an order by using platform of

Merchant: Here merchant indicates any vendor who is listed in deliverabl app and for selling his/her products, foods, grocery items, pharmacy products in different categories of products range shown in website and mobile application with name of Deliverabl.

Merchant Information: Here merchant’s information indicates about the trade information of seller or vendors with regards to or among other things such as name of seller and contact information, general information about his/her business, product range offered by him/her in different categories of product range, price for each individual product or article (including Taxes), business logo, graphics or pictures of products, delivery area with postal codes, delivery tariffs and minimum order amounts.

Deliverabl.Co and Mobile Application: Here is website for international trade operations along with mobile application indicates platforms acting for itself and on behalf of any corporate entity or that are controlled, owned and managed by or under control, directly or indirectly with FAST & FAST DELIVERY LTD.

Platform: Here website and Deliverabl Mobile application indicate as platform. Here merchants are listed with their nature of businesses for doing trade in various categories of delivery services such as food delivery, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery and pick n drop (parcel) delivery services.

Service: Here trade or commercial services indicates all services and activities that are written here are offered by and Deliverabl Mobile Application for their customers. Here it includes publication of any offer, discount, coupon, facilitation, of the conclusion of Agreements and transmission of various orders to the relevant Merchant.

Agreement: Here agreement indicates a mutual consent between Merchant and Customer related to an Order or the delivery of that order or the collection of the order after written here in website or mobile Application of Deliverabl.

Order: Here Order indicates any order process by the customer with the Merchant through the Platform of Deliverabl website or mobile application as related the offer choose by the Customer.

Offer: Here Offer indicates Varieties of different range of products related to the Food, Grocery, Pharmacy along with Pick n Drop (Parcel) services offered by the merchant on Website or Mobile Application of Deliverabl that can be processed as order by the customer through any the platform.

2.) Identity of and Mobile Application

Here website and Moblie Application operates with name of and Deliverabl App.

Address Principal Place of Business:
115 London Road, Morden, Surrey
SM45HP, United Kingdom
[email protected]

3.) Applicability

Ⅰ.) Here General Terms and Conditions are Application only for the services availed by Customers through platform. Deliverabl or Fast & Fast Delivery Services Ltd are not responsible for any offer by Merchant. Here as the case may be, the general terms and conditions of merchants (his/Her) own shall be applicable to the offer in addition.

ⅠⅠ.) 2. Here by processing an order the customer directly concludes an Agreement with the Merchant for delivery of the offer opted by the customer. Here that opted order will bound the customer and customer will not be entitied for any refund expect in case of cancellation allowed by the merchant in agreement under article 6 below.

4.)The Offer

Ⅰ.) Here on Deliverabl platform website or Mobile Application or both publishes any offer of the behalf of merchant, in accordance with their trade or services information provided by the merchants. Deliverabl (web and App Both) or Fast & Fast Delivery Services Ltd shall not be responsible or liable for the contents of the offer and the Merchant information on the Platforms. If a customer faces any trouble, allergies, intolerances or dissatisfaction from products, medicines, food delivered by merchant, we advise to contact the merchant by telephone for current issues or problems before or after processing the order.

ⅠⅠ.)Here Deliverabl platform (Website or Mobile App) shows all information related to their merchants in user friendly way that it is clear to the customer about his/her rights and obligations are after having acceptance for the offer given by merchant to customer.

ⅠⅠⅠ.) Here Deliverabl (web and Mobile App) shall not responsible for any liability for platforms availability.

5.The Agreement

Ⅰ.) Here the agreement is effective as from the completion of the order processing through the Platforms.

ⅠⅠ.)Here Deliverabl will generate receipt of order after order confirmation by system electronically.

ⅠⅠⅠ.)Here Merchant can only execute the agreement if he/she is having correct information related to contact details of customer at the time of order placed by them. Here it is advised to customer to immediately report for any inaccuracies in payment or delivery to Deliverabl or to the merchant.

Ⅳ.)Here for tracking of order customer can do inquiry on Merchants or Deliverabl contact details which has published on platforms.

Ⅴ.)Here for receiving the delivery of order customer or any of his/her representative should be present on delivery address. vi.Here deliverabl will charge delivery cost if they will deliver order on the behalf of merchant. Customer will get a receipt for these delivery costs from Deliverabl.

Ⅵ.)Here Customer has to present age proof and identification for delivery of alcoholic products. Merchant can refuse for delivery of such products in absence of verification document presented by customer.

Ⅶ.)Here Deliverabl does not have any responsibility related to the execution of agreement.

Ⅷ.)Here Customer can choose his/her sole discretion for tip on delivery via online payment methods.

Ⅸ.)Here Tip is intended for the delivery and cannot be considered as payment for products or food delivered by Deliverabl. Deliverabl will thereby only act as a trustee and transferor of the tip amounts.

Ⅹ.)Here Tip cannot be refunded or returned to customer after confirmation received by customer from Deliverabl.

6.Dissolution of the Agreement and cancellation of the Order

Ⅰ.) Here the agreement cannot be dissolve by customer for perishable nature of food or products. Deliverabl allows only merchants to cancellation of order in special conditions.

Ⅱ.) Here Merchant can cancel order in such conditions like incorrect address or incorrect contact details, or order is out of stock or in case of force majeure.

Ⅲ.) Here Deliverabl shall be entitled for refuse any future delivery to such customer who placed false orders or given incorrect address or will not available for receiving delivery of their order.

Ⅳ.) Here Deliverabl is entitled to report to police for false or fraudulent order received or cancel agreement on the behalf of merchant.


Ⅰ.) Here Agreement will be concluded after payment made by customer to merchant by online method or by Cash on delivery.

Ⅰ.) Here Reimbursement for the payment in condition of product or food not delivered will be done in 10 working days time depends upon the method used by the customer at the time of processing the order. Payment will be refunded in same account which was used at the time of payment by customer.

Ⅰ.) Here Deliverabl is authorized by Merchants for receiving payments on their behalf.

8.Complaints Settlement

Ⅰ.) Here Deliverabl will act as mediator between merchant and customer at the time of complaints from customer. Merchant will be responsible for customer complaints here.

Ⅱ.) Here Deliverabl will entertain complaint related to services on their primary address through general post or through email id given here in terms and conditions.

Ⅲ.) Here Deliverabl will react as soon as possible after complaint received by them but not later than within one week after acknowledged by them through email to customer.

Ⅳ.) Here Deliverabl explicitly excludes the use of any alternative dispute resolution. Here Customer can write on [email protected] or [email protected]

9.Inspection and Correction of stored personal data

Ⅰ.) Here shall process personal data related to the customer of Deliverabl. The processing of personal data is subject to the Privacy Stetement.

10. Driver Payments

Ⅰ.) Deliverabl driver payments will starts from £ 2.60 per mile .